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Praise Jehovah!

Music from Above

The Composer

My name is Lucas and, as a health informaticist, I am concerned about people's physical and spiritual well-being. I also want to bring healing balm through God's word set to music. I have been playing the piano since the early 1990s and composing music since about 2001. I have performed my music at churches, nursing homes, school events, family gatherings and weddings and want to continue sharing my music with others.

The Music

Mostly classical in character, the music God has given me has Spanish, romantic, Native American and other unique qualities. The compositions usually are born from vocal melodies and keyboard experimentation. My two albums, Praise the Lord! (2008) and Praise Jehovah (2010) have been registered with the United States copyright office and I am currently working on completing a third album, "Unto Thee, O God."